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Dryer Vent Pipe Cleaning

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Dryer Vent Pipe Repair & Installation

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Bird Nest Removal & Rodent Covers

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Bird Nest Removal From Vent Pipes
Bird Nest Removal From Vent Pipes


Maintaining your clothes dryer’s Airways can save you energy in the Laundry room? First time clients Average SAVINGS is $187 and 650 HOURS doing laundry per year for most homeowners!

The Lint King Charges on Average $125 for a Vent Cleaning!

The Lint King’s 12 years+ experience in Laundry Room Safety & Energy Efficiency. Our cleaning technicians are familiar with the risk of laundry room fires and can help you prevent them.. On average, a professional vent cleaning will cost $157, depending on the severity of the clogged lint.

Includes Airway & Transition Inspection

Multi-unit, Military & Senior Discounts

We are about Laundry Room Safety & Energy Efficiency by maintaining your machine’s Duct with annual cleaning, and avoiding repairs. Our Professional Vent Cleaning, Includes Airway and Transition Check. The cost for this service $89 to $129*.

Regular cleaning prevents clogged lint from building up. This will insure drying time of about 45 minutes

If it’s a repair or re-piping you need… give us a call for a quote. We also do bird nest removal and bird covers installation. Call for more information.

There are many benefits to cleaning your home’s vents like; fire safety, lower utility bills, and no mold & mildew, and fewer repairs due to overheating.

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Dryer vent cleaning cost $89 to $129. Contact The Lint King today to learn how we can save you time and money.
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